Thursday, June 28, 2012


This blog came as a result of my long time image of God and me.  It has been a long time since I created this image of Him but not a lifetime.  It started some twenty years ago when I was attending a christian music competition.  At the time I was managing a young christian artist, someone I had met through community theater.  He had aspirations of "making it big" and this contest seemed to be a hopeful taking off point for him as the grand prize was creating an album.  As luck would have it, or better put, as God would have it, he won the competition and that made it easy for me in seeking bookings for him.  Our association was short-lived as there were things in his background and some questionable events that caused me to re-evaluate this endeavor as his manager.  But it was during that competition that my mind fashioned this particular image of God, an image I think of often, even now.  Funny how the mind works and how we sometimes need to create something to help us envision God.

by Patty Lynn

When I lay down and pray to God
Or Jesus Christ, His Son,
I imagine He's a giant tall
Compared to this small one.

And as I look into His face
His tenderness is there.
His eyes are clear and sparkling.
He listens with such care.

But sometimes I imagine this:
Just how He looks at me
When I am doing something wrong.
His scowling face I see.

Yes, I imagine that He looks
So disappointed, sad,
Like I looked when my kids were small
And they did something bad.

But I know when I come to Him
With heart that is sincere,
His look is that of mercy
As my "giant" God comes near...

It's then He gently scoops me up
And says to me, "My child,
I'll love you always, evermore."
His voice so soft and mild.

What comfort my God gives me.
Forgiveness is complete.
Then carefully He sets me down
Again right at His feet.

Imagining these pictures help 
To feel my Savior close,
But someday I will be with Him
And all the heavenly hosts.

It's there I won't need pictures
Imagined in my mind.
For I will see Him face to face,
My Father, sweet and kind.

No greater moment will there be
As hand in hand with Him,
I realize with my own eyes
My images were dim.

They can't compare to "actual,"
For now I'm ever blest.
Imagination there on earth
Was limited at best.

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