Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

This Sunday is Father's Day and since I am blessed by my son, a new father, and my son-in-law, father of twins, I thought I'd do special poems to ring in this "holiday." It really is a privilege to see these new fathers morph into a role in which they never had any training.  It also is a reminder of our first foray into parenting, how scared we were, how ill-prepared, how long ago. That part leaves me a bit saddened.  I've mentioned this before but this, like so many reminders, forces us to see that there is an end in sight.  Boy, realizing how long it's been since I was a new parent, well, lets just say, yikes I'm getting old!  And so, I've included the two poems I wrote for my son and my son-in-law

MY HOPE(For my son)
by Mom

It's so exciting, so brand new,
This Father's Day, your first.
Though trying to become a Dad
It seemed attempts were cursed.

But God was planning, He'd devised
A way for you to be one.
He joined your life, you and your wife,
With a child who needed someone.

And with this child came challenges
For she had never known
Two people that would give her this,
Love and an always home.

This tiny child has truly bloomed,
A testament to you.
Your love for her has changed her world.
Your world is changing, too.

For now you're needed every day
Now two has grown to three.
You're not a couple, that's for sure.
You're now a family.

And so my hope is, as it's been,
To have a happy life.
And I'm content it will be so
For you, your child, your wife.

by Mom-in-law

This Father's Day, I've got to say,
As Daddy, you're the best.
No matter what life dishes out,
You always pass the test!

Though you work hard from 8-5
You come home with a smile.
Whatever's needed, you comply.
You go the extra mile.

Those little ones demand so much,
Times two, it always seems.
You jump right in when you arrive.
You know what "tag team" means.

The two of you are quite a pair.
You handle it in stride.
Some day your boys will understand
The phase: "Oh, boy, we're fried!!!!"

So on this "holiday" of sorts
Take time to just unwind.
We could search the whole world over,
No greater Dad we'd find.

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