Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A couple of week's ago my son and daughter-in-law officially adopted their daughter, Bella, age 3. The change in her from the time they first had her, initially only weekends, has been incredible. She was so shy and intoverted it's had to imagine how she was then. She is the picture of happy and well-adjusted. In fact, go to my son, Tim's facebook page and see for yourself. The following poem is how I expressed my feelings commemorating her permanent adoption.

by Patty Lynn

A little girl so delicate
Neglected and alone,
No one to care, no one was there,
No home to call her own.

A foster child, she spent her days
Adjusting to her fate.
Withdrawn and shy, her time passed by,
All she could do was wait...

For someone she could really trust,
To be as they appeared,
Someone whose heart, right from the start,
Could wipe away her tears.

One wish, one dream would fill the thoughts
Of this sweet, darling girl.
She wished she had a mom and dad
Like others in this world.

So much had been denied her
In her short and stress-filled life.
Adjustments here, some changes there,
Would someone put it right?

And while she wished and waited
Two people hoped they'd be
Blessed with a tiny baby
No matter he, or she.

But God had different plans for them
A baby not to be.
It was with time and circumstance
His plan they both would see.

The two spent countless hours with her,
Hoped they could be just right,
The best two parents in the world
To love her day and night.

The cautious child was scared to love,
To open up and trust.
A life of constant changes,
Needing always to adjust.

But with each day their love grew strong,
They learned and loved together,
One tiny girl, a mom and dad
All three forever tethered.

On the occasion of the adoption of
Little Bella April 23, 2012

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