Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wow!! I knew it had been awhile since I post a new blog entry, but not since January?  I better get on the stick.  I actually have been doing some new poems but just didn't post them when they were completed.  Shame on me!

Recently, the husband of one of my dear friends joined the ranks of the retired, just like Frank and I, so I had to commemorate the occasion with a poem.  All joking aside, there's much anxiousness about when to do it, have I socked away enough so that I can do it, and, of course, what am I going to do with all that free time.  One very important question (maybe the most important,) is can I really stand my husband or wife 24/7? In my case I do and this time is really be fun.  From our perspective we'd have to say: "retirement is great!"

by Pat Severin

You work, you slave, you pay your dues
And can't wait 'til it's done.
Retirement's the ultimate,
A time reserved for fun.

No more that darned alarm clock
That heralds time to rise.
The dangling carrot's in your grasp.
Your leisure is the prize.

Now every day is Boss' Day
And you're, indeed, the Boss.
The company will have to cope.
Not yours but theirs the loss.

Remember how you often felt
There wasn't time enough?
You'll still feel that you need more time
For... sitting on your duff.

There's not a thing that you must do.
Each day is yours to make.
A project here, an errand there,
Or not, for heaven's sake.

How will it feel, well, maybe this:
The feeling you once had
When school was out for summertime
And you felt, oh, so glad.

So think of this like summertime...
That goes on for...forever.
You'll never punch that ol' time clock,
And you can do...whatever.

No more the rigid work day blues
That took so much of you.
But don't forget the list of things
That's known as Honey Do.

Remember that Retirement is
Your time just as you like it.
You've made it to the big End Zone,
So take that ball and spike it.        

It's the beginning, not the end.
Enjoy this time like crazy.
You've earned the right to make the choice...
To do or just be lazy.