Saturday, January 28, 2012


For those of you who have been there, turning 40 for some, was pretty traumatic, even if we don't want to admit it. I, for one, found turning 30 more difficult because it seemed that I was in my 20's forever. The first time I said it, it got stuck in my mouth, thii...ii..irty. Yikes. I couldn't believe I was actually thirty, so I emphathize with my son who will turn 40 on January 31st. The family is getting together today for cake and ice cream and, though it's a few days off, for all intents and purposes, we're celebrating his birthday today.

All the trauma aside, those 40 years were incredible. As a parent I can say that I am so proud of my son and what he has achieved and it's really special to have him, his wife and his daughter living in the same town. I can see first hand what a fine husband and father he's become while still creating opportunities to continue developing his exceptional artistic talents.

This little poem is what I hope will give him a laugh and a moment's reflection of those 40 years.

by Mom

I know that you're 40,
But how can that be?
I guess that I had you
When I was just three!

They say that age 40's
The new 30, dear,
Though we wish it were true,
It's just not so, I fear.

Age is simply a number
And, yes, it marks years,
But if any were lost,
It'd bring you to tears.

'Cause then you'd have missed
All the good with the bad.
You'd never have experienced
All the joys that you've had.

Years do make a difference,
Make you who you are,
A husband, a father,
A provider, a star.

So cherish the years
And embrace those to come,
For you know it'll happen...
Next years 41!

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