Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was in a poetic frame of mine yesterday. I had written a poem for my son's birthday and I had been ruminating for sometime about our plight, places we could travel to and whether there were any places that could offer us comfort, for sitting and sleeping. It really does come down to that when it's all said and done.

You look forward to retirement and all the things you've now got the time to do, places you'd like to see, friends you'd like to visit and then practicality rears it's ugly head. When comfort is the first concern, where you can sit comfortably after a day of walking and then what kind of sleeping arrangements will suit your special needs... A few years ago I was given an adjustable bed. 5 years previous to that, I slept in a recliner. I know I could probably do alright with a night or two but beyond that... So you see the problem: how do we leave home and take home and its comforts with us.

With that in mind this little poem came to light.

by Patty Lynn

Ten years ago when we were just a newly married pair
We dreamt about retirement and all the time we'd share.

We talked about vacationing, would like to take a cruise,
Or maybe we'd be snowbirds-our plans just couldn't lose.

Just what to pick, what place to go. We'd eenee-minee-mo it.
It didn't matter what we'd choose. We knew we couldn't blow it.

But then it happened to us both. The old arthritis struck
Along with lots of surgeries and since then we've been stuck.

We need our chairs, out lazyboys and I can only sleep...
When my bed is adjustable. A standard makes me weep.

Our aches and pains are always there. There's no way to escape 'em.
And since we haven't got a choice, I guess we have to face 'em.

We have each other, that's for sure. Who cares if it's not fair.
It doesn't matter where we are as long as we're a pair.

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