Thursday, December 22, 2011


This may very well be my last post of 2011 as the Christmas preparations are nearing completion and I want to allow for some relaxing before the family get-togethers on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  My family is trying two new ideas this year to see if this might become a new tradition.

We'll all go to the 5:30 pm service at church and then head over to my daughter's house for canapes and other yummy snacks.Then it will be time for the children to get their gifts, only the children.  That way the evening is theirs and we can all enjoy seeing them play with their new toys. 

The following Christmas Day we'll get together for a casual lunch and the adults will exchange their gifts.  We also are trying a name exchange so that this year you have one person for whom you must get a gift.  You can get a gift for anyone you want and they you, but you must buy a gift for your chosen name.  The idea has met with some opposition but we're going to try it this way and see what the consensus is for future Christmas celebrations.  I'm anxious to see how this new method goes. How will you know if you never try.

Today I remembered one of my Appleton friends with a gift and a poem.  I have included it here:

by Pat Severin

Friendship comes in many forms.
Some casual won't weather storms.

Some may come from days gone by
And some they make us ask, "ah, why?"

Some we wish had warning labels
Because they use, then turn the tables.

But if you're lucky you might find
A friend, as you, with a like mind...

Whose faith's important and who prays,
Can see God's hand in many ways.

That friendship is the kind that lasts.
It's good today as in the past.

A treasure, blessing, precious, too
And likewise sees the same in you.

So, dearest friend, this Christmastime
I'm proud that you're a friend of mine.

I know we're linked for now and ever.
Friends who'll be forever tethered.

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