Friday, November 4, 2011


I actually had written two new poems back in September when I husband and I went to Door County for our wonderful Honeycrisp Apples, but the days keep getting away from me. So today I thought I'd share one of them with you.

The inspiration for this poetic contribution is Bradford Thompson, my Dad. He was a guy who could always find the humor in this unpredictable life of ours. A day didn't go by without a good laugh, sometimes even at his own expense.

He's been gone some 20+ years but I still think of him often. He had many health issues which started with a heart-attack at 42. But I'm sure if you could ask him he'd say he didn't have it too bad. I attribute that to his acute sense of humor and I'm happy to say he passed that on to me. If you're feeling down today, feeling that the last thing in the world you want to do is smile, do it anyway. You'll be surprised by the way just turning up the corners of your mouth can effect you. Try it.

by Patty Lynn

You've heard it said that laughter is
A medicine of sorts.
"It cures you when you're feeling down,"
This saying, it purports.

I'd have to say that I agree.
A good laugh is, well, cleansing.
It clears your head, puts cares to bed.
Aids worried hearts in mending.

My dad's the one who proved to me
The value of some laughter.
He'd make a joke and pretty soon
Your laughs would fill the rafters.

He'd not diminish how you felt,
He'd listen, empathize,
But had a way of wiping 'way
The tears that filled your eyes.

He truly could reverse your frown
Replace it with a smile.
For staying stuck, in worries rut,
Was surely not his style.

His recipe for happiness:
God's love, a smile, add prayer,
And don't forget, you're not alone
'Cause He is always there.

So take a tip from dear ol' dad.
Life's much too short to gripe.
Treasure your day in every way
You'll make each burden light...

If only you depend on Him
He's there to lift your sorrow.
A smile today assures that you...
Can conquer your tomorrow!

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