Monday, September 19, 2011


I chose the title of this blog as this was the case with this poem.  The subject was not weighing heavy on my mind; it was somewhere in the back recesses as I do believe this scenario plays itself out in more homes than we think.
With unemployment at an all time high, I'm sure there are those who are caught in this self-medicating trap on both sides of the issue.  Those who have jobs are being asked to do the work of two so as to keep expenses down and often those who can't find a job are feeling undervalued and hopeless as the months tick away with no prospects.

With that being said I submit the following:

by Patty Lynn

You may think you need alcohol
At night when day is done,
To rest, unwind, you know, relax,
The work day's battle done.

Besides you like the way you feel,
The kids are unaware,
OK, they see their dear ol' dad,
With glass in hand, who cares...

You're certain they don't know the truth,
That dad, he just can't cope.
You're sure they think that it's ice tea,
At least, that's what you hope.

But mister, you delude yourself,
And someday you may see
This same behavior in your kids,
No matter he or she.

For kids will always imitate
Your habits, good or bad.
Their love is unconditional
For mother and for dad.

So heed my words, there's much at stake,
Not just a drink or two,
And God awaits your fervent prayer
For help to see you through.

It won't be easy, that's for sure,
But family's what matters,
And with commitment and God's help
This habit's left in tatters.

And pretty soon you'll be on track
With God's strength and your own.
Delusions gone, you're seeing clear,
Restoring happy home.

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