Sunday, September 4, 2011


Initially this was going to be the title of today's blog but as I began writing the poem, it didn't seem to be as appropriate as I originally thought.   As a side note, I am baffled at how long it took me to compose. For whatever reason, I spent longer writing and re-writing this poem than any other one before. What's funny is that this poem is as straight out of real life as I get. As you read it I think you'll understand just why it will always be one of my most treasured memories.   When KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS, they have the ability to catch us so off-guard that they instantly reach the deepest part of our hearts.

by Patty Lynn

Now, in the car last week we talked
My twin grandsons and me,
About how we're a family.
My hope was that they'd see...

What is so hard to understand,
The simplest family tree,
That their grown mom was once a child,
And grandma's child is she.

They know we're all "connected"
And try to comprehend
That someday they'll get married
'Cause that's what God intends.

They know that they will grow up,
I said someday they'd find
A girl to be with always
Who'd love them all the time.

Imagine my heart melting
When one twin said to me,
"I'm going to marry you, Gram.
We both will. Wait and see."

I said that I would love that,
Two husbands, lucky me.
But I just wasn't ready,
Could not the next foresee.

The words with which they followed,
These cherished two, my joys,
Were what to them was logic:
"Well, Grandma, we're your boys."

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