Saturday, September 10, 2011


As I'm sure many of you can say, everyone's life is touched in some shape or form by cancer. This insidious disease permeates every walk of life, every personal connection and every family at some time. Recently, one of my neighbors was stricken with ovarian cancer and is in the throws of chemotherapy, the half way point, she tells me.
As some of you know, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. As I felt with my sister, I wished to be able to "do" something for my neighbor, feeling so helpless, so yesterday I wrote a little poem for her and included it in a card with a gift certificate attached. She was touched by my words and I felt I had done "something." I have attached it here:

by Patty Lynn

You think you've got life figured out
And know what to expect,
And then it happens - can it be?
"C'mon now, I object...

To things that throw me for a loop,
Invade my normalcy.
I never thought I'd have to face
What's happening to me!"

But through such things God teaches us
Control is only His,
And though it's hard to understand,
His plan is what this is.

So take to heart how much He cares,
You'll never be alone.
He's watching and He's loving you
Atop His heavenly throne.

And those of us who love you here
Are caring deeply too.
We're here to help, to help you through
Our hearts stretched out to you.

You who have lent a helping hand
To others for so long,
Please take ours now,
And see just how...
Our love can make you strong.

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