Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I used to think this statement was a "cop-out" but I've changed my mind. As for me, I think it's more faith-based in it's origins. I believe God is in control and that all that happens to us is part of His plan. Whether it's good or bad, God has a purpose.

Never have I felt that to be more true than with my meeting my husband, Frank. We met late in life, at a time I surely didn't think I would find someone to share my later years. In a recent conversation, my older sister and I were saying how fortunate we were to have such caring husbands. She felt it was doubly wonderful I was able to find someone like that late in life and coined the phrase, SO LUCKY, SO LATE, and the following poem was born.

by Patty Lynn

Things happen for a reason,
Or so the saying goes,
Some folks agree, agree with me,
Some others say, "who knows?"

For me, I'd say, it's really so
But I'll let you decide.
Just come with me as I recall
My late life's crazy ride.

When one has surely past her prime,
Is 50 plus and then some.
How fortunate to find "that guy"
Within those years, well, ten some.

I know that it's so hard to meet
The "perfect guy" for you.
It's hard at really any age.
Even at twenty-two!

But I, for one, was blest to find
The guy that's right for me,
Whose helpful, kind and sensitive,
A willing listener, he.

I know I've beaten all the odds
For finding Mr. Right.
But I'm just glad I've found my man.
I'm holding on real tight.

So if you still are looking
And hunting's got you down.
I'm telling you it's possible.
So smile now, don't you frown.

Yes, I can say it's possible
And when you do, it's great.
For I'm the living proof, you see,
So lucky though so late!

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