Saturday, July 23, 2011


The new format of Blogger has changed dramatically.  As a result, I lost a great deal of the preface for this poem.  I saved it twice and yet it is MIA.  So, with my apologies, I submit the poem that should have been attached to the previous blog.

by Patty Lynn

Serenity is what we seek,
Serenity in life.
A happiness and attitude
That gets us through our strife.

That's hard to find and yet we know
All's for a greater plan.
The "why" just isn't clear to us,
For we are merely man.

So when we're facing trials and tests
We often ask Him why.
We pray to understand it all,
But we get no reply.

"It should be simple, not complex.
And what would warrant this?
Do I deserve this sentence, God?
I'm facing the abyss."

But what He asks is faith and trust,
Though ours is failing fast.
I never thought that suffering
Would be the kind that lasts.

Just take this pill and you'll be fine.
Now isn't that the way?
How come it's taking oh, so long?
I'm praying every day!

Could this be my reality,
And could this be my lot?
How can this be, Lord, this is me.
Is this the best you've got?

And how can I go on like this.
What can you do to help?
I know that I'm not capable
To deal with this myself.

Now, could the answer simply be
I must depend on you?
That if I want serenity
I need acceptance too?

There is so much outside of me
That I cannot control.
God grant to accept that's true
Frustration takes its toll.

I turn it over, Lord to you,
The changes I can't make.
But for the others help me to...
Change those, for Jesus' sake.

But most important make me wise
So I can tell the difference,
For all of this I need your help.
I yearn for your assistance.

Serenity's allusive, Lord, 
Without these lessons learned.
Remind me each and everyday,
Your care and love's not earned.

So when I take upon myself
To solve my life's frustrations,
Grant courage to accept the fact
That I have limitations.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference."

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