Monday, May 16, 2011


I feel a bit remiss as I have never taken pen to paper and composed a poem about Addison.  As some of you know, my niece, Laura, my sister's oldest child, had a baby on September 11, 2010.  It had been a difficult pregnancy fraught with gestational diabetes and checking blood sugar levels almost constantly, but as my niece would attest, it's all worth it in the end.  She and her husband, Jason, named her Addison and prepared this lovely purple and white bedroom fit for the princess she is.  My sister and I were privileged to help with some of the decorative touches waiting for the arrival of this beautiful child.

I did write a poem for my niece that was really composed for her, as she is so precious to me, and I wanted her to be "in the spotlight" after her daughter arrived and all the attention centered around the baby.  She and her husband have had numerous professional pictures of this new little one, the first batch when she was just a few weeks old and again at six months.  Of course, I've gotten snapshots that mom or grandma have taken but the last professional batch was added to the "gallery" of photos I have in my entry hall.  I passed it again, as I do often, and it just hit me.  I had never written a poem for Addison.  She is such a beautiful baby and in the attached I have tried to capture that and so much more.

by Patty Lynn

Sweet darling. dear, our Addison;
The image of your mother.
We love you so, each of us know
There'll never be another...

Who'll fill our hearts just like you do,
Bring happy smiles and tears.
A privilege to watch you grow
Throughout the coming years.

For time it passes by so quick.
We'll blink and you'll be walking.
Before we know it we'll soon see...
Your babbling turn to talking!

Your mom and dad, so proud they are.
You are their precious one.
And grandma, grandpa, think your grand,
So joyful when you come...

To spend the day or stay the night.
They treasure every minute.
Some day we hope you'll understand
Life's better with you in it.

You entertain but ask a lot
And gladly we obey.
No, we don't mind, our hearts are full.
With us you have your way.

For now you'll have to be content
To be loved and adored.
You needn't "do" just "be," that's all.
With you we're never bored.

Yes, since the day that you were born
Our world's a better place.
A glimpse of Heaven here on Earth...
It's there in Addison's face.

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