Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last night in my weekly phone call to my oldest sister, she shared a funny "real life" story with me. It doesn't require any set up as it has happened to anyone who uses glasses, all the time or occasionally for reading. Soooo, I submit the following. If you can't relate, you don't wear glasses, ever.

by Patty Lynn

The other day I got so mad!
I couldn't find my glasses.
That's happened oh, so many times.
Each time my memory flashes...

To places, yes, the same ol' haunts
I'd looked those times before.
Eye level to the highest shelf
And even on the floor.

My temperature began to climb
The harder that I searched,
Expecting that I'd find my specs
You know, I'd see them perched...

Upon my bed or the TV
Or even in the frig.
My mind was playing tricks on me.
In short, I flipped my lid.

I screamed, I cried, I hollered, too.
My hubby'd had enough.
He took a studied look at me.
His voice got pretty gruff!

He said, "now get that box up there.
The one your sister sent."
(I didn't understand his tone
Or what he really meant.)

The box it had a mirrored lid.
I often used to see...
My makeup to enhance my looks,
To be a better me.

I opened it and saw my face,
How clear and sharp my eyes,
Revealed the place,
Upon my face...
My embarrassing surprise!

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