Sunday, April 3, 2011


Just a quick entry this evening as I wanted to share with you what happened this morning.  One could say it was a comical event, and is was, but seeing as I had just shared the poem about my sister "losing" her glasses only to find them on her face, I thought you all would get a kick out of my Sunday morning faux pas.

It seems, at least for me, that no matter how much time I leave to get ready to walk out the door for church, I always end up rushing.  Well, today was no exception.  As I teach Sunday School I had my usual number of things to take, so much so that I didn't even take my purse with me. 

So I rushed to the closet, got on my coat, buttoned it up as it was cold and raining, put my props behind the car seat and proceeded to church.  My husband was kind enough to let me off in the front where there's an overhang so I wouldn't get wet.  I got out, shut the car door and chased up the stairs to the coat room where I hung up my coat.  It was at that moment that I realized something was missing.  You guessed it.  I had left my glasses which I wear all the time on my chest of drawers at home.  Now I'm not blind without my specs and since I didn't need to read anything I was okay, but I did stop for a moment and contemplate how fitting this event was as today's story was "Jesus Healing the Blind Man."

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