Monday, March 21, 2011


Not long ago my sister forwarded a cute story that was entitled, MISCOMMUNICATION, about an incident in an office that left everyone in stitches.  I was no exception but in my case I thought the story was worthy of a poem.  So, as I so often do, I put pen to paper and the poem below is the result.  Hope you all get a good laugh out of it.  One can never have too many of those.

by Patty Lynn

The office scene was buzzing
Or laughing, to be clear.
It was the most hilarious...
Event there'd been all year.

A simple situation.
T'was commonplace, for sure.
Our copier stopped working;
There was no simple cure.

So someone, in his wisdom,
Decided he would try...
To remedy the problem.
He took his pen, no lie.

He thought the pen would fix it
Would solve the paper jam.
And then, with sheer abandon,
Stuck in his pen then...damn!

I told him that he'd have to...
Attach a little note,
Went back to do my business.
Didn't see the note he wrote.

I called down to the Help Desk,
Reported what occurred.
I figured that what's done is done,
Needn't be another word.

But soon I heard some laughing
The Help Desk tech cracked up.
Without a space t'ween N and I
The note read, "Penis Stuck!"

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