Saturday, March 5, 2011


If you're over 50 you remember Art Linkletter and the TV program with the same title as this blog.  This show was hysterical.  Art would ask the kids probative questions and their answers were always so genuine you couldn't help but wish the rest of the world was as authentic.  Talk about transperancy!

This past week my grandson, Gavin, who was observing the irratic, annoying and, yes, naughty behavior of his brother, felt it necessary to chime in with his take on how his brother's acting out should be punished.  The following poem pretty much fills you in on the rest.

by Patty Lynn

Now, I'm a mom of four year olds
Twin boys, can you relate?
If you are not a mom of twins,
You'd better hesitate!

It's different with twins, you see,
Same age--there's just no let up.
They push my buttons all day long.
Some mornings I can't get up...

And face demands--I want to scream,
The "mom" "hey, mom," of it!
My patience's wearing thin, I fear,
Exploding bomb of it!!

But there are times I have to laugh,
To hear the things they say.
They come up with the darndest things.
One quote can make my day.

Like take, for instance, Thursday night,
One twin, exasperating!
Annoying me, his brother, too.
It wasn't worth debating.

Then there he stood, the fed up twin,
Who looked at me and said,
(No moments hesitation, he.
I thought that I'd drop dead.)

"Hey, mom, are you," the twin began,
"Ah, thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"
Then I replied, "Well, I don't know,
Just what is it you're thinkin'?"

"I'm thinkin' that my brother's due
A time out, a severe one."
(I knew exactly what he meant,
His look was a sincere one.)

"Just sitting in the corner, no."
This needs a serious measure
To really get across the point,
To show him our displeasure.

The dreaded spot, the place of fear,
"The downstairs powder room."
And with the door shut," he'd insist,
"Don't let him out too soon."

For that brief moment he was king,
Imposing consequences,
Not he who felt the penalty
And sting of his offenses.

Aligned with me he could impose
To him, his other half,
A punishment that fit the crime.
All I could do was laugh!

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