Saturday, March 19, 2011


If you're like me this is a warning we're all familiar with.  You can't believe everything you hear, see or read.  Sometimes what we read, for instance, with advertisers and their claims about their product and the incredible things it does, we must be wary as their main objective is to get us to buy what they're peddling.  Recently, someone sent me a forward that was a joke of sorts regarding the properties of some shampoos.
The take on it was so cute it just screamed for a poem, so here it is:


My shampoo has a warning
I never thought much of,
I love the way my hair feels,
A feeling I just love.

I never saw a link up,
Why it's shampoo, come on.
Could there be something to it,
That I should think upon?

It says, " For extra volume...
And body" it's the one.
Besides it made my hair look...
As shiny as the sun.

But then I started thinking,
More volume, could it be...
The reason why I've noticed
My clothes seem tight to me?

'Cause after all when showering,
Shampoo runs down my back
I rub and scrub all over
"More volume," there's no lack...

Of soap suds, yes, I'm sure of it,
Just why I've gained some weight.
I'm changing my shampoo to Dawn,
And I won't hesitate.

That bottle says that "it dissolves
The fat hard to remove,"
Now that might be a baseless claim,
But one I'd love to prove.

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