Friday, February 4, 2011


I thought a bit about composing a poem today, even had an idea and a title.  But then something interesting happened.  A first line came and then another and pretty soon I'd written the poem I've attached here.  What can I deduce from that?  Well, the only thing I can come up with is that God had a different idea.  Now this might sound weird but, for me, it's the only explanation.

There have been a few things happening in my life lately, things that needed this kind of a reminder.  The reminder?  That life and what happens in it are totally out of our control.  Oh, we search out the answers, educate ourselves to make the best decision possible, talk it out with friends and relatives, and then, as always, God's the one in control.  I hope that these words remind you, too.

by Patty Lynn

Perhaps you're feeling tired
From the struggles of life's fray.
You've won so many battles
And kept a few at bay.

But now you face a new one.
This one's the biggest yet.
Your tight rope's even higher.
You need a safety net.

So what is the solution?
Control's out of your hands.
Oh, what will be the outcome?
Will it be as you'd planned?

"Oh, you of little faith," He said.
"You never had control.
Your life is what I planned for you,
Down to your very soul.

When you are facing challenges,
When troubles seem to weigh,
I'm here to give your weakness strength,
If all you'll do is pray.

Come meekly, I'll deliver.
It's what I promised you.
You know, I'm called the Savior.
My promises are true.

The power of prayer's your map, my child,
When you have lost your way.
Don't listen to that "other voice, "
Be careful, don't obey...

For that will be a slippery slope,
With pitfalls, sticks and stones,
But if you do, just ask for help.
My child, you're not alone.

First, come to me when obstacles
Are standing in your way.
I'll make you strong, I'm what you need,
If only you will pray."

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