Saturday, February 26, 2011


As you know, my sister, Janice, hasn't been well.  She's in a wheelchair, cannot walk and has a bad heart and lungs.  Needless to say, she requires a great deal of help just making it through the day, not being able to do much on her own.  I think I've used the word fragile to describe her state and that's a pretty good adjective.  That's why all the health troubles of late have been so difficult to treat.

Anyway, she is blessed to have a husband who meets all of her daily needs.  Without him she would have to be in nursing home.  He, fortunately, has not many health problems, something that is rare in an 80 year old.  So I felt it was high time that I write a poem of thanks to him.  I hope he likes it.

by Patty Lynn

There are the guys who stick with you
When things are fun and easy,
Who love the limelight, love applause,
When you're on top, believe me.

Now guys like that, I'd have to say,
Why they're "a dime a dozen."
And some would say, "good for a ride,"
I'd say they're "good for nothin'."

But there are some, but just a few,
Who'd stay, no matter what.
They're there "in sickness and in health"
Not walk or say, "enough!!"

These guys are tops, the best there is,
Make other guys look bad.
The gals that get 'em know their worth.
They've got 'em and they're glad.

And so poetically I'll send
A special thanks your way,
For all you do for my dear Sis,
For every single day...

You take good care, when things get tough.
You're there to meet her needs.
Some guys may talk a good, good game,
But you're a man of deeds.

So please accept my gratitude
For all the things you've done.
My Sister is a lucky gal.
Her guy is number one!

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