Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My last post was one of a similar nature but this one gets a bit more specific.  As you know if you've been following my blog, my older sister has had some very serious health issues and I've tried to keep her "keepin' on" as she recuperates.  I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it is being confined to a wheelchair.  Additionally, she's not getting out much and then it's usually to see the doctor. It's an understatement that her spirits aren't particularly high these days.  As she says, "my world is very small."

So, I wanted to write a poem that would say that I understand that it's hard to keep motivated when you feel defeated but also one that would encourage and remind her of God's unfailing love and presence.  She's such a wonderful poet and my hope is that she will continue her writing.  That can be very therapeutic.  So often the mere writing of the words can help put life in perspective.

The attached is the last poem I wrote for her.  Perhaps it'll be a reminder for all of us.

by Patty

To hear your voice and know you're well's a treasure in my life,
But hearing how depressed you feel, it cuts me like a knife.
I know it's hard, so difficult, to a live a life with limits,
But it's a LIFE and I can say, mine's better with you in it.

Please don't give up and close the door on what is such a blessing,
Creative you, who writes so well, this gift that you're possessing.
The words you choose convey escape and that is something special.
Your flights of fancy, fairies too, they put us under your spell.

Escape for us, escape for you, devoid of limitation,
A glen where you're a child again, for all, a mind's vacation.
When you confess that you're depressed it scares me, reminiscent...
Of wasted days our mother spent, our love was not sufficient.

I know it's hard when functions go, yes, I know how you feel,
But though a future dark you see, just pray and He'll reveal...
His love and care, His strength, just trust. His promises are true.
The Son who died and rose again, he died and rose for YOU!

So when engulfed in sorrow's grasp, ahead looks bleak and bare,
Remember that God knows your worth. Remember that He's there.
And though you can't lay eyes on him, He's always by your side.
Things of this earth may pass away but God's love will abide.

Don't even think of giving up. He won't give up on you.
He made you special, gave you life. He promised and it's true.
"You are my own, my precious child, your time's not now, you see,
I love you so and when it's time, I'll call you here with me."

And so, dear sister, know you're loved by many, not just me.
Please muster up your strength, desire, God's "presence" you will see.
This poem I write for you to know that life is better still,
                   When you believe,
                           God knows your need,
                                  He loves you, always will.

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