Monday, February 21, 2011


I've told you all about my sister's failing health so it shouldn't come as a surprise that when I couldn't reach her for 2 days, I was in a panic.  The phone rang and rang, I couldn't leave a message and that had happened once before so I was sure something terrible had happened.  You know us worriers we always imagine the worst. Well, I am a worrier.  In fact, the first published poem I wrote was called, I'M A WORRY-WART.  That was in grade school and now some 50+ years later, the story's pretty much the same. So here it is, a poetic account of my life last week.

by Patty Lynn

I tried to reach you yesterday
And, yes, the day before.
No message on your telephone.
It rang and rang some more.

So I got worried, yes I did,
Was just beside myself.
Anxiety, such nervousness,
Was some of what I felt.

Then finally I called your girls,
Left messages to call,
And I kept trying you again.
Again, I hit a wall.

You'd had a run of lousy health,
Improve, relapse, improve.
Predictably that took its toll
And skewed my attitude.

I know that I should not expect...
The worst, I know it's wrong,
But after all the latest scares,
My psyche wasn't strong.

Long story short, I finally heard...
Your voice, said you were fine.
I thought the worst, but truth be told,
The worst of it...was mine.

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