Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This little phrase holds a special memory for me.  It's the response my paternal grandmother would give whenever anyone asked her how she was doing.  Cute, true, and an all encompassing assessment that was more than most of us give.  Well, it was a bit of an inspiration as I attempted another poem for my older sister whose dealing with a hospitalization and some unanswered questions, right now.  I just got off the phone with her and I'm happy to report she's scheduled to go home tomorrow, with oxygen.  I'd like to say that all the tests yielded a definitive conclusion to all she's been experiencing lately. But, alas, none have been forthcoming.  She does have some breathing issues and recently was diagnosed with COPD. That stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  Also they've discovered some blockage in her heart.  Having had a staph infection in the past, she's not a candidate for any surgery so all she can do is to take blood thinners to keep the pressure of blood flowing through her heart to a minimum.  The attached was a little spirit lifter I wrote to let her know she's cared for.

by Patty Lynn

Now when it comes to medicine
We're at a disadvantage,
For doctors hold the cards, you see,
We pray they don't mismanage.

The tests, the pills, technology,
Our fate is in their hands,
To diagnose, evaluate,
Design our treatment plans.

Sometimes we're just like guinea pigs,
Test subjects for their folly.
We're poked and prodded endlessly,
Left anything but jolly.

But still we must succumb to this,
If answers can be found.
Besides they get it right, sometimes,
Effect a turnaround.

And we begin to feel again
The way we used to feel.
We're up and taking nourishment,
Delighted by a meal...

Of meat, potatoes, vegetables,
Now don't forget dessert.
No more down in the dumps are we.
We're smiling and alert.

For now please focus on the prize,
Not illness, feeling low.
Instead, though it's predictable,
It's home you want to go.

That's where you find contented days,
Familiarity's gift
Of solace only home can bring
And spirits find their lift.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, here it is, the beginning of a new year.  2010 really flew by and, hopefully, I'll do some more writing and be able to post more often (at least we can hope.)  Though our Christmas was wonderful, I can't say the same for my older sister.  She was so looking forward to her daughter, husband and grandchildren coming for a week long visit from Georgia but unfortunately they were all sick. They came regardless but in her weakened condition she got the bug and for her it wasn't a simple cold.  She ended up in the hospital with a bronchial infection which complicated her COPD and, though he really shouldn't have, her doctor let her go home early so she could spend at least a day or two with her family.  The doctor insisted that she come back to the hospital after they left, which she did, but they sent her home too early for the second time.  She ended up with clots in her lung and various other difficulties and she again is in the hospital.  They are having a hard time figuring out exactly what she has and believe me, her spirits are in the basement.  In a recent conversation she told me that the nurses recommended moving as much as possible and since she's wheelchair bound, they suggested doing the best she could to move her arms and legs. 
So in an effort to put a smile on her face, I wrote the following:

by Patty Severin

I know you're sick and tired,
'Cause sick's a yucky place,
But everything's much better
With a smile upon your face.

So I'm bound and determined
To shed a little light
On the Power of Positive Thinking
To make you feel alright.

When you awaken, darlin',
Just give a little smile.
Yes, force it if you have to,
And in a little while...

You'll find you'll gain perspective.
Your life is not that bad.
Beside, you did awaken,
And that should make you glad.

The nurses are supportive.
They say you've got to move.
So put the music on, babe,
And get into the groove.

It might be just chair dancing
But dancing, nonetheless.
Imagine that you're twirling
In the most bedazzled dress!

'Cause your imagination
Can make the difference, dear.
The benefits - outstanding!
I want to make that clear.

Remember that you're cared for
And nurtured from above.
And those who live below,
We also send our love.

Your illness is a hurdle,
So typical on earth.
We'll help you jump above it;
We all regard your worth.

So try to keep on smiling
And keep on dancing, too.
Send up your prayers and all your cares,
God wants the best for you.