Sunday, November 7, 2010


As you all know it's been a while since I blogged.  Guess life has crowded out this little blog with other things.  As some of you might know, I've become the Story Lady at church for the 3 & 4 year old Sunday School and, because I do a set of 4 illustrations every week to help tell the story, that project takes all week to complete.  Actually, it's kinda fun drawing again.  Didn't know if I still had it in me. So when this Sunday's story has been told, I'm already figuring out what drawings I'll be doing for next Sunday.  It's not that there aren't visual aids to pull from, it's that there are 60+ children sitting on the floor and nothing is big enough for them to see.  I also wanted to have some nice illustrations for next year. 
Anyway, my sister in Michigan has put me to shame, calling me weekly to read her latest poems to me, and I thought I'd better get back on the horse.  My husband and I made a big batch of chili this afternoon and it's been simmering since about three...and I just got to thinking about it...and...about life and...well, this little poem was the result.  Hope you like it.

by Patty Lynn

When you say life is ordinary,
Nothing very special,
It's like that simple soup you make
That's boiling in the kettle.

What do you do? You add some spice,
Some seasoning so rare
And give that simple soup of yours
Some tender loving care.

And so is life, it's what you add
To ordinary--extra,
A loving word, a kindly deed,
These things, they will affect ya'.

For giving is its own reward,
And love, the tie that binds.
Give of yourself, expecting naught,
For in it you will find...

A heart that's full, a life well spent,
That's never ordinary.
For when you add that extra piece,
Now that's extra-ordinary!

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