Saturday, September 18, 2010


Tonight's blog will be a short one. I actually wrote a blog with this same title last week but in checking out the spelling of one of the words on the internet, and not having saved the draft, I lost the whole thing. Guess I learned my lesson!

The title of this blog isn't particularly profound but it always sums up what happens when a baby comes. Everything does change, big time. I chose this title because a baby has come and changed our family with her birth.  Addison Elizabeth White was born last Saturday to my niece, Laura, and her husband.

We couldn't be more excited. There's something about holding a baby,a truly "new born" baby minutes after she was born. She weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces and as tiny as she was, I couldn't help remembering when my grandsons were born. They were barely 3 and 4 pounds each and based on that experience, Addison seemed almost big.

And, as so often happens when something wonderful happens, I wrote a poem for her and her mom:

by Patty Lynn

From the day you were born
I watched you grow,
The child of my sister
And yet I know...

Much more than that
Were you to me,
My "child" of sorts,
You would always be.

For we shared so much,
You and me,
Through happy and sad times
Our bond would be...

So exceptional, so deep,
Trusting each other,
So honest and close,
Not like another.

On your sweet wedding day
I smiled, I wept,
So happy you found him,
My proud heart leapt.

And now you're a mother,
A child, your own,
To love, guide and cherish,
To watch and grow.

My love's overflowing
As yours for her.
So tiny and precious,
Addison girl.

I know how you feel
I've felt it, too,
With both of my children
And, Laura, with you.

God bless, guide and keep you,
Grant you His care.
Please treasure each moment,
As this one you share.

Hold tight but not too tight,
As these years pass.
Pray God's love beside you,
His, too, will last.

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