Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Not long ago Art Linkletter passed away and tonight's title is the name of one of his most popular shows. Art had a real way with children and if any of you remember it, (shot in living black and white) the show consisted of  "interviews" of a panel of kids. They were anywhere from 3 to 10 years old and Art would ask them questions, usually ones about themselves or their families. That was truly reality TV, nothing scripted or rehearsed and...hysterical.

Children are so open and honest. They haven't learned to fudge an answer or try to make something up. It's that genuineness that I so enjoy about my grandsons and that's what inspired this little poem. The last line is a direct, out-o-the-blow, quote from one of them, and I loved it. So as I so often do, I wrote a poem.

by Patty Lynn

Can you believe it, it's almost here.
My birthday is coming, yes, it comes every year
But this birthday's special 'cause I'm turning four,
And I'm not a baby, not a baby no more.

I can count, I can sing, oh, and I go to school.
When I wash my hands, I don't need a stool.
And I ride a bike, a two-wheeler, no less.
I know most my letters, mom says I'm the best.

I draw pretty pictures of shapes of all sizes,
And I know my colors, but some are surprises...
Like turquoise, and brick, fuchsia and lime,
Just so many colors, gosh, there's not enough time...

To learn all the names, 'sides there's so much to do
Like learning my numbers, boy, I'm telling you...
There's a lot of new things that a kid's gotta know,
Mom wishes that she could get up and go...

Like I do all day, but there's no time to rest.
'Sides bein' a kid, growin' up is the best!
It's like I was just telling my brown guinea pig,
"I simply can't wait, can't wait to be BIG!"

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