Monday, August 30, 2010


I can't believe it, I'm finally done with my book of poems. It's been a long process, but I can mark another something off my bucket list. I've attached a link on the bottom of this blog so that you can preview the first 15 pages. The book is actually 156 pages and producing it(publish)is quite costly. However, I have it in both a 8X10 hard copy with a dust jacket my splurge for myself and about $50 and also a 8X10 soft copy that runs about $36.
If any of you wish to order a copy, go right to the link and you could order one. I am also going to do another version in the 7X7 size softcover and that should run about $25. It'll take me a while to do that as I must begin from scratch because that's a new format. I'll let you know when that is ready.
Thanks for being patient with me throughout this tedious process. I've got to get started writing again so look for some new thoughts and poems in the weeks to come.

I've written a book with all of my poems
And when I began t'was my archives I'd comb
Recalling the times when each 'pistle was born
The times I was happy and times when forlorn.

Regardless, it prompted a thought or emotion,
A time to express my personal notion.
'Cause poems that I write are a journey of sorts,
Silly ones or creative imagined reports...

Of something that sparked me to a point that I had to...
Tell what I was feeling, have to say I was glad to.
So pen went to paper, a poem was the outcome.
Why some were so good I wanted to shouts some.

I know that there'll be more poems left to write
But it'll just have to wait til ideas take flight.
I've laid down my paper, my pen sits there, too.
For now I will wish you Goodnight and adieu. to the book preview)

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