Thursday, August 19, 2010


Most of you know the signicance of this title.  The punchline is that I did write a book about my grandsons, Ian and Gavin, last Christmas and gave to my family.  I'm sure I'll be compelled to write another one as they are growing and changing every day, a lot quicker than I'd prefer.  With that in mind, this poem is a tribute to one of the twins.  Gavin, who resembles his mom physically and in many of his likes and dislikes, is the inspiration for this little poem about grocery shopping.

by Patty Lynn

I love to shop for groceries.
The supermarket's cool!
Mom tells me things about the store.
It's kinda like in school.

I look around at all the food,
"let's buy that," I insist.
But mom says we have got to stick
To what is on the list.

You might think I would want to buy
The candy,there's all kinds.
But I would rather have an orange,
But please remove the rinds.

My fav'rite fruits are raspberries
And pineapple is good,
Or broccoli that's dipped in ranch.
I'm just misunderstood...

'Cause other kids prefer dessert
And junk food by the score.
But all I want is vegetables.
Have some and I want more.

I guess I am a lot like mom.
A salad's what we'd choose.
Now add a tasty dressing,
With that you just can't lose.

I may not be like other kids
Who crave things that are sweet.
I'd rather have some vegetables.
So keep the sweet stuff, please.

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