Saturday, August 21, 2010


...I'm on a roll! Actually, I've been trying to find a moment here and a moment there so I can start writing again. As you know, I'm doing my last proofing before self-publishing my book of poems,which is intensely time consuming,so I've been writing poems that just come to me. A thought here, a title there, just as the spirit moves me.

Last night I was prompted by an old email that was thought provoking and humorous at the same time, so I put pen to paper and came up with the following. Perhaps there'll be something here that will strike a chord with you.

by Patty Lynn

If you can conquer tension without a glass of wine,
If you can wake up leisurely without concern for time,
If you can tackle dieting without the use of pills,
If you can quit complaining about your latest ills,
If you can give the credit to the one who's due,
Then I would say, without a doubt, my hat is off to you...

For tension seems a constant, self-medicating, too,
And frantic rushing seems the norm, a blur when day is through.
Now, dieting, you must confess, is difficult and stressful,
The more you try the less you lose, your anguished sleep not restful.

And do we ever, ever stop our grousing and complaining?
Instead of being positive, good attitude remaining,
We spew out only negatives, complaints who wants to hear 'em?
In fact, if truth be told, my friend, just who wants to be near 'em?

I'd rather spend the time I have in rousing celebration,
Look forward to each day I have in wild anticipation.
Besides the challenges that come, God grants me strength to face them,
No pills for ills, He's all I need, complaints, He helps erase them.

So when you feel that tension's great and time's your enemy,
Seek out the One whose in control, whose grace and love are free.
He'll take your hand and lead you through the challenges and strife
And help you understand the gift, His precious gift:

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