Saturday, June 19, 2010


I know that's a pretty silly name for a blog, but it's been so long, I wanted to catch your attention. As I mentioned WAAAAAY back when, I wanted to do a book of poems. But before I did a collection of my poems I wanted to do a compilation of the poetry my older sister wrote and sent to me over the past 20 years. I specifically wanted her to have as a reminder of how talented, creative and clever she was and IS. I finished that last month and now I'm doing the same with my poetry. I'll attach a link to the site I used to create the book so you can see at least the first 15 pages. It's called, A LIFETIME OF POETRY. When mine is complete I'll do the same. I've written a quick little poem to prove to myself that I haven't lost my touch. The link is at the end of the page.

by Patty Lynn

I know I haven't written much
But lest you think me idle,
I thought I'd better write a poem
"But what should be the title?"

I guess I'd better share with you...
Just what I have been up to,
A book, oh, yes, two books, I mean,
I hope I'll interrupt you...

So take a look, see what you think,
They're not just mine but good ones.
And hopefully you'll find them loose,
Not stilted, stiff or wood ones.

The book complete was written by
My sister whose a poet.
Believe me when you read her work
You'll see she's "versed" and knows it.

So I've included here a link
So you can see a sample,
Though it won't show you all of it
I think it will be ample...

To give you all at least a taste,
Her writing is delightful.
Some poems are very humorous
And some are quite insightful.

And, oh, before I close this rhyme,
I've got to tell you, too,
About the book I'm working on,
For me a dream come true.

This book of poems, they're all my own.
I'm proud of this collection.
When I have finished I'll be sure
To give you all directions...

So you can take a peek at mine,
And know there was a reason...
That I did not find time to blog
I hope you'll find it pleasin'.

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