Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Tonite's blog concerns itself with good advice period, not specifically as it relates to aging. I don't know about you but I need reminding, every so often, that one's outlook plays a big role in how we handle life in general. No one likes a "sour puss" my mom would say and I'd have to agree. If you ever want an environment to become toxic, just add a "Negative Nicky" to the mix. And one could say that about any place, home, school, church, etc. So tonite I will share this little "shorty" that covers, with humor, how important the up-side is when it comes to aging.

by Patty Lynn

I'm here to tell you, yes I am,
That aging not a picnic,
But here's a bit of age advice
I hope with you will click, Nick.

Remember this, you have a choice,
Stay positive and up,
For nothing's good 'bout feeling bad,
You know...that half-full cup?

If you've a rosy outlook,
A smile upon your face,
You'll age the same, oh, that's for sure,
But from a better place.

So bottom line, no use to fret,
Come on now, just hang tough
Don't let ol' aging get you down,
It's too hard to get up!

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