Saturday, March 27, 2010


In my previous blog I shared with you the story of my "weird" experience this past week and how I had received a flyer in the mail regarding a book entitled, The Hope and Encouragements of a Woman written by a woman who's name was Anna Roberts, the same name as my maternal Grandmother. I further told you that although the author resides in California now, she grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, something else she shared with my Grandmother. As I also shared, I did compose a letter to the author, just to tell her of how all of this had literally stunned me and how thankful I was to have received the flyer and explained how wonderful it was to have such precious memories rekindled.

Well, low and behold, yesterday's mail yielded a response from Anna Roberts and a heartfelt letter that made me cry a little. Part of that response was due to the fact that all of this, the book, her name and then her letter had proved to me once again how God works. I don't believe any of it was a coincidence. Quite the opposite. It was two strangers touching each others lives, two people who had never met but who shared so much in common, writing, love of family and faith is God. But, you know, when I received her letter, I did feel as though I had met this "Anna Roberts" and her book and correspondence was part of some grand design, divine intervention. God does work in myterious ways His wonders to perform!

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