Sunday, February 21, 2010


It seems that the aging process is never far from my mind, or from my reality, for that matter. It's a darn good thing no one ever tried to tell us what aging would be like, what to expect, etc. and if anyone did, it didn't register with us. We were, after all, young and invincible and old age...that was a long way off. And so we continued living our lives, some of us marrying and having a family, or pursuing our careers,never thinking about what was to come and least it seemed suddenly, we changed. Things in general became harder, anything from opening a jar to opening our minds to new things. And then there we were, older, wiser and well, a bit dissolutioned that this time in our lives...was a lot like what we saw happen to our parents. Holy cow!!! How did this happen?
My blog for tonight, and for the next few offerings, is concerned with some of this, the changes I'll call them ( not to be confused with THE CHANGE - that's over, thank, God! )

by Patty Lynn

What do you look like real close up?
You know, your mirror won't lie.
Though you stare, then plead, it's still the same.
Your friendly mirror won't lie.

This time of life, "The Golden Years"
In all its gray-haired glory,
The golfing, cruising, condo life,
It's still the same old story.

Oh, I suppose, there are some folks...
Who can retire wealthy,
Buy summer homes, travel the globe,
They've money and they're healthy.

But many are a lot like us,
Just aging and expanding,
Retirement lives, retirement dreams,
It's beyond our understanding.

But that's the way it is sometimes,
The Haves and Have Nots, too,
However falls the aging genes,
May not be up to you.

The only thing we can control
Is how we choose to view it,
Alas, poor me or thank you, Lord,
There's really nothing to it.

You must decide to see the glass...
Half full and not half empty.
An aches OK and laughs are good
Whatever, Lord, you've sent me...

I'll have to say, this side of Earth's
Better than pushing daisies.
No facelifts and no Botox shots,
That stuff is for the Crazies!

I'll be content with what I have
Though there's still time for hoping,
Who knows, perhaps, the path will change,
Whatever, I'll be coping.

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