Thursday, February 4, 2010


The other nite as I was watching one of those health food commercials, this silly thought crossed my mind. You know, the really good foods are those that have no preservatives and we should insist on that if we want to stay healthy, etc. Well, in the midst of it all, this came to me. Hopefully it'll give you are a good laugh and maybe a little wishful thought as we all age.

by Patty Lynn

Nothing artificial,
No preservatives,
Phrases that has come to mean
The choice for lives well-lived.

But did you ever stop and think
How diff'rent we would be,
If they could give preservatives
To you and, yes, to me?

No complicated nip & tuck,
No drastic surgery.
Injections of preservatives.
Sounds pretty good to me.

Now that's the kind of aging tour
I'd like to venture through.
The years would come,
The years would go,
But wouldn't show on you.

Now some would dream of far off lands,
Vacations in sun
Or bank accounts with funds to burn
Enough for everyone.

But give me artificial means
To keep a youthful glow.
There's nothing like preservatives,
That dream we'll never know

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