Monday, February 22, 2010


As I mentioned last night, I seem to be on a roll. It's amazing to me how I avoid a full length mirror and when I do look at my reflection, it's cause for...well, reflection. I guess I'm most surprised at how the circle of life keeps keepin' on, hence "the circle." Anyway, when my mother was my age I can't say I noticed her aging so much. It became more apparent in the seventies but she, of course, noticed and remarked many times how she didn't know who that was staring back at her from her mirror. She would say, "I feel the same on the inside, it's the outside that I struggle with." There was a time that I toyed around with the idea of writing a book about my mother, aptly titled, "Baby it's Old Outside." Maybe someday. And so it goes with all of us, when we get to that "certain age." I fear I'm there already although I'm a ways from my seventies. But, as always, I have to deal with it with a sense of humor. Tonight is no exception. Hope you get a laugh or two out of it. I know I did.

by Patty Lynn

They say that you can learn a lot
From looking in the mirror.
But if you're naked, let me say,
There's much that you should fear!

I think it's called "the naked truth"
That's staring back at you.
No clothes to hide the way you look,
It's "altogether" true.

I never plan to take a look.
But rather just a glimpse.
But when I do, head on, I mean,
That view will make me wince!

For there it is, I can't refute...
The evidence's too clear.
For what I see, I mean, it's me.
The truth is in that mirror.

Now I can cry or I can laugh,
Or question what I see,
For in the mirror, who is that there,
The Michelin man or me?

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