Sunday, February 7, 2010


This sounds a little grandiose, this title, but perhaps it is my calling to be the voice of aging. Not that I've got one foot in the grave or anything, but I certainly can offer a "mature" perspective. And isn't it interesting that the subjects that I lean to are either for children or the process of growing older? The scary part is, if we are to believe the evidence, there is some point when those two collide. I'm not looking forward to that part, but it may be making the transition a little smoother. Anyway, tonite's offering is a little "deep," but it is heartfelt. My hope is that you will find it to be just that and, in so doing, stop a moment and think about all we take for granted when we feel our time here is indefinite.

by Patty Lynn

It seems that as we age a bit
We see things diff'rently,
That is, a new perspective gained,
Than as it used to be.

The sunsets we let come and go,
Indiff'rence, 'cause we were...
So busy with "important things"
It just did not occur...

To us to savor ev'ry hue,
For, after all, there'd be...
Another one tomorrow so...
When that one came we'd see...

But as we now know, we can't count...
On 'morrows for forever.
The sunset's beauty savor we,
Each nuance we now treasure.

And so it is with many things,
The green of each new blade,
The smell of Fall, the whippoorwill,
The world our God has made.

We "noticed" these when we were young,
But now we feel their worth...
In ways profound,
So deep their touch,
It seems a brand new earth!

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