Wednesday, February 24, 2010


As I've said, I'm on a roll, the aging roll, I guess. But that's ok, I must need the release. After all, it's been a long dry spell. Perhaps, my next self-published book just might be a collection of poems that concern themselves with the inevitable. You might conclude I'm obsessed with the prospect of growing old, or growing older. Not really. I'm just a bit reflective (pun intended)on the subject.

Anyway, I don't know that my thoughts are unique. What I do know is that a great many of you are going though the same things, the same transitions, and the same struggles with the changes. So, I will take it upon myself to verbalize what you haven't or haven't yet, and maybe it'll be easier on us if there's someone in the same boat just trying to navigate through all of this. Tonite's blog takes a look(pardon the pun)at some of this, again, with a little humor.

by Patty Lynn

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Was there an earthquake in the hall?
Something's happened, can't you see,
That woman in the mirror's not me!

I seems like only yesterday
My skin was taut and smooth.
No makeup base, just powder, please
It's got to be a ruse.

I just don't get it, can it be...
That time, indeed, does fly?
And all these changes did take place...
In the blinking of an eye?

I'm not complaining, surely not,
I watched my mother age.
But now I look a lot like her.
Time's surely turned a page...

And left it's mark, I must confess,
It's happening too fast.
I did expect it, after all,
But I thought my looks would last...

A trifle longer, I suppose,
OK, I'm in denial.
If only it were temporary,
THIS face, merely a trial.

So I'll adjust, I must, that's all
The outcomes still the same.
We're aging from the day we're born.
There's no one we can blame.

Be happy for each day you have,
Love often and love much.
A kind word heals, as laughter does,
Try every heart to touch.

Then realize that wrinkles come,
You never can erase them.
Each one is earned,
Make sure you've learned
Those wrinkles, just embrace them!

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