Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yes, the hourglass. It's not a common metaphor for the female frame, at least not these days, but what does seem to be revered in that department is skinny, skinny, skinny. Models and Movie stars alike are trying to convince young girls that being thin and not eating is something to be envied. Occasionally, you do see someone who looks the real "normal" and that, I find, refreshing, but we are lead to believe that "thin is in". Now I've never been of that persuasion but I have found myself always thinking,"I really need to lose about 20 pounds" and never quite getting that done. But in your sixties, fogetabowdit! The hourglass figure of the past, if I ever had one, is just that, in the past. I did, however, find myself thinking about this old comparison and the following was the result:

by Patty Lynn

Now years ago they used to say...
The perfect figure's this:
The hourglass' proportion,wow,
With that you'll never miss!

That's always just alluded me,
The bust and hips the same.
A tiny waist between them both,
The ideal female frame.

I've always had a bit too much,
In ev'ry category.
Full-figured, also well-endowed,
Has been my "chubby" story.

When I was little mom would say,
"Your baby-fat will go...
When you are 'leven maybe twelve,
Believe me, dear, I know."

"So have a cookie or ice cream,
Don't want you to feel down.
C'mon and have a little cake,
I hate to see you frown."

And so the cycle thus began,
To eat to cure the blues.
So diets, they would come and go,
More pounds for me to lose.

Now in my sixties I look back
Wishing that I'd won the battle,
Rather than now repeat again...
This diet-ary prattle.

The hourglass of long ago
Talked only of its shape.
Now I refer to sands within,
They have, with time, escaped.

No longer shifting slowly these,
The hourglass sands are still.
For all the sand has shifted DOWN
The BOTTOMS had its fill!

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