Monday, February 1, 2010


The other night I was working on a crossword of all things. The TV was on but I wasn't paying too much attention and then...Oh, surprise, surprise, another cosmetics commercial for wrinkle cream. Yep, another beautiful woman(girl)who was way too young to have or even be bothered by the prospect of wrinkles, and we were to believe that her flawless complexion was the result of some cream, some regimen, some protocol. Are you kidding me? She was barely old enough to spell WRINKLE!! Anyway, that was the inspiration for the following and a subject I'm sure you'll hear me talk about again, not that growing older is on my mind...perish the thought!

by Patty Lynn

It's funny how the years fly by,
They're gone before we know it.
If only time could march on by
But faces wouldn't show it.

Sure wrinkles come, they never go,
And night cream's not the answer.
Old Father Time's got heavy shoes,
He's not a graceful dancer!

He must be wearing army boots,
Clodhoppers their description.
No guilt he feels and no regrets.
For him there's no contrition.

I watch the ads, the claims they make,
But have you ever noticed,
These images are such young girls,
If older, they're soft-focused?

And yet we buy, fall prey we do,
Ridiculous our hopes are.
Now wouldn't it be easier
If we were like the soap stars?

Those women never show their age,
So perfect their complexions.
But not so are the lives they lead,
They 'd never stand inspection.

But real life is a different scene
Exposed, our warts and all,
We're "faced" with our reality,
And youth's hard to recall.

But though the tracks of time are there,
Let's not forget time's blessings.
True, what we've learned has left it's mark,
Not surface window dressing.

Don't be deceived by worldly hype,
Or faces free from wrinkles,
Eyelids that sag, may be a drag,
But older eyes still twinkle.

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Jill said...

This is SOOOO good!! We're still beautiful!