Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well, today's the day, alright. The day when we take a special moment and tell the ones we love how much they mean to us, hopefully not the only day we say "I love you". Well, we had a lovely one at my sister's. There's nothing like spending time together with the family, yaking, eating, and, of course, laughing. There is never a shortage of laughs, and funny faces and adorable 3 year olds whose every word and ever facial expression reminds us how incredible our lives are because they are in it. There's nothing like having a little one look up at you and say, "happy valentimes day, gruama. I missed you". It had been Thursday since I saw my two sweetie pies. We had all made cut-out heart cookies for their Valentine's party at school. What an adventure that was! We had flour and powdered sugar and frosting everywhere but we made gorgeous cookies. I had a ball and so did they. These are the things that are remembered, not how beautiful the cookies are but the fun of doing it. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

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