Friday, February 26, 2010


Tonights offering was inspired by a cartoon sent to me by my sister-in-law. Actually it was part of a series of cartoons with the similar theme of the joys of aging. I don't know about you, but at my age I always have good intentions but often plans change daily, too many aches, charlie horse in the calf, no time,etc. Regardless, often times what we start to do, well, it doesn't get done or it's shorter in duration and we feel like we're faced with the inevitable "should." Sound familiar??
So on that note I give you:

by Patty Lynn

Tomorrow I will wake to find...
The liberation of my mind...
From one thing I was gonna do.
I'm going to jog, try something new!

I've purchased all the gear and such,
I'll tip-toe out of bed, so hush.
I haven't told my hubby yet,
Be back before he wakes, you bet.

And when I'm done I'll take a shower,
Be dried and dressed in about an hour.
I think I'll do this every day.
What's that I hear, you say,"no way!"

But why, dear toes, do you object?
I haven't even started yet.
Out-voted ten to one am I
My expectations were too high.

So 'neath the covers, oh, so cozy...
I'll snuggle in 'til I am dozy...
I tried, I warm bed's...good...
Tomorrow...yes...I know I should...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


As I've said, I'm on a roll, the aging roll, I guess. But that's ok, I must need the release. After all, it's been a long dry spell. Perhaps, my next self-published book just might be a collection of poems that concern themselves with the inevitable. You might conclude I'm obsessed with the prospect of growing old, or growing older. Not really. I'm just a bit reflective (pun intended)on the subject.

Anyway, I don't know that my thoughts are unique. What I do know is that a great many of you are going though the same things, the same transitions, and the same struggles with the changes. So, I will take it upon myself to verbalize what you haven't or haven't yet, and maybe it'll be easier on us if there's someone in the same boat just trying to navigate through all of this. Tonite's blog takes a look(pardon the pun)at some of this, again, with a little humor.

by Patty Lynn

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Was there an earthquake in the hall?
Something's happened, can't you see,
That woman in the mirror's not me!

I seems like only yesterday
My skin was taut and smooth.
No makeup base, just powder, please
It's got to be a ruse.

I just don't get it, can it be...
That time, indeed, does fly?
And all these changes did take place...
In the blinking of an eye?

I'm not complaining, surely not,
I watched my mother age.
But now I look a lot like her.
Time's surely turned a page...

And left it's mark, I must confess,
It's happening too fast.
I did expect it, after all,
But I thought my looks would last...

A trifle longer, I suppose,
OK, I'm in denial.
If only it were temporary,
THIS face, merely a trial.

So I'll adjust, I must, that's all
The outcomes still the same.
We're aging from the day we're born.
There's no one we can blame.

Be happy for each day you have,
Love often and love much.
A kind word heals, as laughter does,
Try every heart to touch.

Then realize that wrinkles come,
You never can erase them.
Each one is earned,
Make sure you've learned
Those wrinkles, just embrace them!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yes, the hourglass. It's not a common metaphor for the female frame, at least not these days, but what does seem to be revered in that department is skinny, skinny, skinny. Models and Movie stars alike are trying to convince young girls that being thin and not eating is something to be envied. Occasionally, you do see someone who looks the real "normal" and that, I find, refreshing, but we are lead to believe that "thin is in". Now I've never been of that persuasion but I have found myself always thinking,"I really need to lose about 20 pounds" and never quite getting that done. But in your sixties, fogetabowdit! The hourglass figure of the past, if I ever had one, is just that, in the past. I did, however, find myself thinking about this old comparison and the following was the result:

by Patty Lynn

Now years ago they used to say...
The perfect figure's this:
The hourglass' proportion,wow,
With that you'll never miss!

That's always just alluded me,
The bust and hips the same.
A tiny waist between them both,
The ideal female frame.

I've always had a bit too much,
In ev'ry category.
Full-figured, also well-endowed,
Has been my "chubby" story.

When I was little mom would say,
"Your baby-fat will go...
When you are 'leven maybe twelve,
Believe me, dear, I know."

"So have a cookie or ice cream,
Don't want you to feel down.
C'mon and have a little cake,
I hate to see you frown."

And so the cycle thus began,
To eat to cure the blues.
So diets, they would come and go,
More pounds for me to lose.

Now in my sixties I look back
Wishing that I'd won the battle,
Rather than now repeat again...
This diet-ary prattle.

The hourglass of long ago
Talked only of its shape.
Now I refer to sands within,
They have, with time, escaped.

No longer shifting slowly these,
The hourglass sands are still.
For all the sand has shifted DOWN
The BOTTOMS had its fill!

Monday, February 22, 2010


As I mentioned last night, I seem to be on a roll. It's amazing to me how I avoid a full length mirror and when I do look at my reflection, it's cause for...well, reflection. I guess I'm most surprised at how the circle of life keeps keepin' on, hence "the circle." Anyway, when my mother was my age I can't say I noticed her aging so much. It became more apparent in the seventies but she, of course, noticed and remarked many times how she didn't know who that was staring back at her from her mirror. She would say, "I feel the same on the inside, it's the outside that I struggle with." There was a time that I toyed around with the idea of writing a book about my mother, aptly titled, "Baby it's Old Outside." Maybe someday. And so it goes with all of us, when we get to that "certain age." I fear I'm there already although I'm a ways from my seventies. But, as always, I have to deal with it with a sense of humor. Tonight is no exception. Hope you get a laugh or two out of it. I know I did.

by Patty Lynn

They say that you can learn a lot
From looking in the mirror.
But if you're naked, let me say,
There's much that you should fear!

I think it's called "the naked truth"
That's staring back at you.
No clothes to hide the way you look,
It's "altogether" true.

I never plan to take a look.
But rather just a glimpse.
But when I do, head on, I mean,
That view will make me wince!

For there it is, I can't refute...
The evidence's too clear.
For what I see, I mean, it's me.
The truth is in that mirror.

Now I can cry or I can laugh,
Or question what I see,
For in the mirror, who is that there,
The Michelin man or me?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


It seems that the aging process is never far from my mind, or from my reality, for that matter. It's a darn good thing no one ever tried to tell us what aging would be like, what to expect, etc. and if anyone did, it didn't register with us. We were, after all, young and invincible and old age...that was a long way off. And so we continued living our lives, some of us marrying and having a family, or pursuing our careers,never thinking about what was to come and least it seemed suddenly, we changed. Things in general became harder, anything from opening a jar to opening our minds to new things. And then there we were, older, wiser and well, a bit dissolutioned that this time in our lives...was a lot like what we saw happen to our parents. Holy cow!!! How did this happen?
My blog for tonight, and for the next few offerings, is concerned with some of this, the changes I'll call them ( not to be confused with THE CHANGE - that's over, thank, God! )

by Patty Lynn

What do you look like real close up?
You know, your mirror won't lie.
Though you stare, then plead, it's still the same.
Your friendly mirror won't lie.

This time of life, "The Golden Years"
In all its gray-haired glory,
The golfing, cruising, condo life,
It's still the same old story.

Oh, I suppose, there are some folks...
Who can retire wealthy,
Buy summer homes, travel the globe,
They've money and they're healthy.

But many are a lot like us,
Just aging and expanding,
Retirement lives, retirement dreams,
It's beyond our understanding.

But that's the way it is sometimes,
The Haves and Have Nots, too,
However falls the aging genes,
May not be up to you.

The only thing we can control
Is how we choose to view it,
Alas, poor me or thank you, Lord,
There's really nothing to it.

You must decide to see the glass...
Half full and not half empty.
An aches OK and laughs are good
Whatever, Lord, you've sent me...

I'll have to say, this side of Earth's
Better than pushing daisies.
No facelifts and no Botox shots,
That stuff is for the Crazies!

I'll be content with what I have
Though there's still time for hoping,
Who knows, perhaps, the path will change,
Whatever, I'll be coping.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well, today's the day, alright. The day when we take a special moment and tell the ones we love how much they mean to us, hopefully not the only day we say "I love you". Well, we had a lovely one at my sister's. There's nothing like spending time together with the family, yaking, eating, and, of course, laughing. There is never a shortage of laughs, and funny faces and adorable 3 year olds whose every word and ever facial expression reminds us how incredible our lives are because they are in it. There's nothing like having a little one look up at you and say, "happy valentimes day, gruama. I missed you". It had been Thursday since I saw my two sweetie pies. We had all made cut-out heart cookies for their Valentine's party at school. What an adventure that was! We had flour and powdered sugar and frosting everywhere but we made gorgeous cookies. I had a ball and so did they. These are the things that are remembered, not how beautiful the cookies are but the fun of doing it. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This sounds a little grandiose, this title, but perhaps it is my calling to be the voice of aging. Not that I've got one foot in the grave or anything, but I certainly can offer a "mature" perspective. And isn't it interesting that the subjects that I lean to are either for children or the process of growing older? The scary part is, if we are to believe the evidence, there is some point when those two collide. I'm not looking forward to that part, but it may be making the transition a little smoother. Anyway, tonite's offering is a little "deep," but it is heartfelt. My hope is that you will find it to be just that and, in so doing, stop a moment and think about all we take for granted when we feel our time here is indefinite.

by Patty Lynn

It seems that as we age a bit
We see things diff'rently,
That is, a new perspective gained,
Than as it used to be.

The sunsets we let come and go,
Indiff'rence, 'cause we were...
So busy with "important things"
It just did not occur...

To us to savor ev'ry hue,
For, after all, there'd be...
Another one tomorrow so...
When that one came we'd see...

But as we now know, we can't count...
On 'morrows for forever.
The sunset's beauty savor we,
Each nuance we now treasure.

And so it is with many things,
The green of each new blade,
The smell of Fall, the whippoorwill,
The world our God has made.

We "noticed" these when we were young,
But now we feel their worth...
In ways profound,
So deep their touch,
It seems a brand new earth!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The other nite as I was watching one of those health food commercials, this silly thought crossed my mind. You know, the really good foods are those that have no preservatives and we should insist on that if we want to stay healthy, etc. Well, in the midst of it all, this came to me. Hopefully it'll give you are a good laugh and maybe a little wishful thought as we all age.

by Patty Lynn

Nothing artificial,
No preservatives,
Phrases that has come to mean
The choice for lives well-lived.

But did you ever stop and think
How diff'rent we would be,
If they could give preservatives
To you and, yes, to me?

No complicated nip & tuck,
No drastic surgery.
Injections of preservatives.
Sounds pretty good to me.

Now that's the kind of aging tour
I'd like to venture through.
The years would come,
The years would go,
But wouldn't show on you.

Now some would dream of far off lands,
Vacations in sun
Or bank accounts with funds to burn
Enough for everyone.

But give me artificial means
To keep a youthful glow.
There's nothing like preservatives,
That dream we'll never know

Monday, February 1, 2010


The other night I was working on a crossword of all things. The TV was on but I wasn't paying too much attention and then...Oh, surprise, surprise, another cosmetics commercial for wrinkle cream. Yep, another beautiful woman(girl)who was way too young to have or even be bothered by the prospect of wrinkles, and we were to believe that her flawless complexion was the result of some cream, some regimen, some protocol. Are you kidding me? She was barely old enough to spell WRINKLE!! Anyway, that was the inspiration for the following and a subject I'm sure you'll hear me talk about again, not that growing older is on my mind...perish the thought!

by Patty Lynn

It's funny how the years fly by,
They're gone before we know it.
If only time could march on by
But faces wouldn't show it.

Sure wrinkles come, they never go,
And night cream's not the answer.
Old Father Time's got heavy shoes,
He's not a graceful dancer!

He must be wearing army boots,
Clodhoppers their description.
No guilt he feels and no regrets.
For him there's no contrition.

I watch the ads, the claims they make,
But have you ever noticed,
These images are such young girls,
If older, they're soft-focused?

And yet we buy, fall prey we do,
Ridiculous our hopes are.
Now wouldn't it be easier
If we were like the soap stars?

Those women never show their age,
So perfect their complexions.
But not so are the lives they lead,
They 'd never stand inspection.

But real life is a different scene
Exposed, our warts and all,
We're "faced" with our reality,
And youth's hard to recall.

But though the tracks of time are there,
Let's not forget time's blessings.
True, what we've learned has left it's mark,
Not surface window dressing.

Don't be deceived by worldly hype,
Or faces free from wrinkles,
Eyelids that sag, may be a drag,
But older eyes still twinkle.