Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, here it is, 2010, and I haven't blogged since early December. Life has gotten in the way, Christmas, New Year's, I've got lots of excuses. But the truth is as much as this venue has been a blessing for my creativity, I'm so beat at the end of the day I just don't have the energy.

As some of you know my husband was hospitalized on December 7th and was there almost a week. Yikes! In this day and age that's a long time. His symptoms subsided and his upper GI and colonoscopy were inconclusive soooo we don't know what that was all about. To make things even more frustrating they discovered a hernia. So while recouping from the first ordeal now he was looking at surgery. Great! He had that repaired a couple of weeks ago and hopefully will be returning to work next week. Guess all we can say is, let's hope 2010 gets off to a better start than the end of 2009.

I did create the book about my grandchildren's first two years and it did turn out very well. Give me a bit and I can arrange for you to view it online. The text was, of course, a poem which I have included here. I am inspired to create another book in the next few months which will include all of my blogged poems and who knows what else. Will let you know when that is finished. For now hope you all had a good Christmas with family and friends and I pray time set aside to celebrate the Saviour's birth. May 2010 bring you happiness and fulfillment in your endeavors. Here's my pride an joy, the poem for my grandsons. Some day they'll look back at their Grandma's little book and know how much I love them.

(And I was there, too!)

It seems like a lifetime
Since the day you were born,
Your daddy and I
In that moment were torn...

Between you and your mama,
Calmly doing her part,
As the miracle happened.
The beat of your heart.

Your daddy excited,
His two hands were both shaking.
Your mama and daddy,
Were two parents awak'ning!

And I was there, too,
With your dad and your mother,
Holding both of their hands,
Watching you and your brother.

So tiny you were.
Barely three and four pounds.
How perfect God made you.
It completely astounds!

And when you were stronger,
Mom and Dad brought you home.
They tenderly held you
As they pondered each moan...

Each cute sound you made
Soon they knew what each meant.
As their love grew they knew
You were both heaven sent.

And I was there, too,
Holding each of you tight,
Humming songs I made up,
Telling you all was right.

It seemed just an instant
Till you sat on your own.
Your crawling soon followed
In your "kid friendly" zone.

But we learned very quickly
How fast you both got.
It was harder to beat you,
Though we ran like a shot...

To make sure you were safe,
Had to put things up high.
"Don't put that in your mouth!"
"You'll poke out your eye!"

You took baths in the sink,
And loved every minute.
Those smiles were contagious,
Mom and I had no limit...

Of smiles, hearty laughs.
Oh, how cute your both were.
Your "feeties," your butts,
Don't know which we preferred!

Soon the bottles were gone.
A sippy replaced them,
But the Nuks, well, they stayed,
To this day can't erase them.

But they'll go, dears, in time,
For you're growing so fast!
I've just got to say,
Wish these moments would last.

Now you both go to school
Like two, grown-up big boys.
For three hours a day
Your big house has less noise.

My heart's filled with joy,
I love you both so.
From the top of your heads
Down to each tiny toe.

I've been many things
In this long life of mine,
But not one thing compares
To this honor so fine.

To be your ol' Grandma
Is a blessing, a pleasure,
For just being that
Is my life's greatest treasure.

Yes, I was there, too,
And how happy that makes me,
To recall all those mem'ries,
Joyful tears just o'er take me.

As long as I live
You'll fill up my heart.
A delight it has been
To be there from the start.

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