Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sorry about that. We're still in transition mode so I had to go to the older computer to retrieve the poem I mentioned in my last blog. Oh, well. Don't have a lot of time, trying to get a start on our Christmas tree but I did want to add the poem I wrote for my older sister. Hope you enjoy it.

By Patty Lynn

I sat down to write a poem for my sister
To tell her she’s special and I kinda missed her.
It’s been a long time since we’ve seen one another
‘Twas eight years ago, when we still had our mother.

But we visit by phone, share poetry, too,
And I make her laugh when she’s feeling blue.
She called me one evening when she heard a prediction
That doomsday was coming, but I told her that’s fiction.

Although there’s a movie that’s called twenty twelve
Based on some Mayan hist’ry into which some have delved.
The truth is in two years out earth won’t explode.
I said, “Don’t you worry, of CRAP it’s a load!

And if by some chance it will be the end
This is my own outlook I’d be happy to lend:
Our God will appear, so awesome ‘twill be,
Taking all us believers, saying, “just follow me.”

We’ll leave all our worries and cares far behind,
For God’s sweet perfection is all that we’ll find.
And if Revelation’s predictions are true,
In two years or hundreds, in many or few…

We’ll treasure each moment we’re given to spend
By phone or in person, with fam’ly or friend.
We’ll make our arrangements in the Spring and in person
For her to come hear, I know that for certain.

And so, in the meantime, we’ll call and we’ll write,
Make the most of each day, either way is alright!
‘Cause sisters are sisters, they will keep in touch,
We’re grateful we can, we like talking that much.