Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Me Again...

Well, there've been a few changes since my last blog. For one I've gotten a laptop and I'm trying to get used to typing on a level plain. It's that old dog new tricks thing, you know. It is awfully pretty though and has a load of new things. I'm beginning a new creative venture, too. I wrote a 22 verse poem about the last 3 years and the blessing of being an almost daily part of the lives of my grandsons and with the help of my new toy and a fabulous website, I'm putting together a book to give my family for Christmas. My daughter and I began looking through 3 years of pictures and are only half done choosing ones for the book. When they're all fabulous it's almost impossible. When the book is finished I'll share the poem with you.

There's at our church called the Spiritual Care Ministers. Our church is large and its hard to connect with other members. To that end the group coordinator lets us know if someone is going through a difficult time and we send a card or letter for encouragement. Sometimes I've enclosed one of my poems with the card and that has been very rewarding.

It's very late and although abrupt, I must close. Have a lovely tomorrow and don't forget to tell the people in your life that you love them.

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