Friday, November 27, 2009


I really feel bad that my blogging has taken such a down turn. With work and the holidays and not as many poems to my credit, blogging has been a bit forgotten. When I last posted I said I had gotten a new laptop and was trying to get used to it. Well, I didn't so went back and traded it for a new home computer which I just love. It's pretty slick and the screen is HUGE! Does seem strange to have a rectangular screen. I have to say I do prefer the square monitor.

I've written a poem for my older sister which I will attach here and I'm just finishing up my book which I self-published for my family. It'll be about 26 pages chronicalling the journey through the first two years of my grandsons and will be, as you might have expected, in poem form. I'll post it sometime in December.

Also, I've been composing some new poems for people in my congregation that are going through difficult times, illness, death, etc. As I've mentioned, that is very rewarding. I will be composing a Christmas poem to include in this years holiday letter which I'm hoping to complete by this weekend. Still waiting for the poetic
"spurt" though, but so far no spurts!

Good nite for now. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.

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