Friday, September 25, 2009


I thought alot about this topic, convinced I couldn't say anything more on the subject but...given a little prompting, I guess I felt that maybe I could. Maybe if I spoke from the perspective of the unemployed (or the laid-off husband or laid-off son's wife & mother, respectively), maybe that would be a good place to start.

I, too, was searching for a job this year although my situation differed from the typical laid-off and unemployed situation. My job search was the result of not having worked in about 2 years, being in my sixties, and now hoping to find something, and part time while you're at it. We talked about the age discrimination I experience, etc. Regardless, whatever the individual scenario, unemployed is unemployed. The double whammy is being thrust in to that position because you were laid off. A month or so ago I started this attached poem and never really got back to it, but today, as I was trying to weed out things on my computer that were easily deletable, I ran across it, and finished it. Here it is...

By Patty Lynn

It’s hard to feel you’re valuable
When you’re laid off from work.
You’ve executed duties…
And never, ever shirked.

Your boss could always count on…
The things you’d say and do.
Just when you think that all’s secure,
He gives the “slip” to you.

You know, the pink one we all dread
That says, “so long, you’re through.”
But how you take it’s more like this,
“We have no use for you.”

Oh, it’s explained that, “money’s tight”
And “we must cut things back.”
It may be true but now your check
Is gone, and that’s a fact.

Besides there’s lots of folks
Who’re paddling in your boat,
And what about another job
These odds are just a joke!

You curse and wail and think “poor me,”
But then you’ve got to stop.
‘Cause though you’re on the bottom now
You’ve got to see the top.

The goal in site, nowhere but up,
So set your sights and climb.
Complaining never changed a thing.
Don’t waste your precious time!

And don’t forget to pray a bit,
Y‘could use the help, that’s sure.
Be diligent and purposeful.
It’s unemployment’s cure.

‘Tis always darkest ‘fore the dawn
Or so the quoters say,
But whether dark or twilight time,
Tomorrow’s a new day.

And you do know that you have worth;
With confidence you’ll win!
So when you land that job you want,
Remember where you’ve been.

Tomorrow is new day, true,
Go open up new doors.
Be self-assured, you’ll make it through,
Tomorrow, make it yours!

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