Monday, August 3, 2009


First let me apologize for it being so long since I contributed to my blog. It hasn't been on the top of my priority list as my husband's mom has been quite ill and the diagnosis was not good. We knew that and yet you always pray for a miracle and in this case that what it would have taken. Laura, mom, was a sweet and kind woman, quiet with a cute laugh and a good sense of humor. It was tough seeing her decline so quickly but I guess in some ways that was a blessing. No painful lingering illness, rather a diagnosis and a swift passing about a month later.

Cancer is such an insidious disease. It is no respecter of persons and almost no one can escape its grasp. She had lost her husband slightly less than 2 years ago and she remained in her home with her wonderful daughter who has been an inspiration to all around her, selflessly taking care of both her parents until their deaths. Her funeral is tomorrow and the following day will be the interment in Wisconsin Rapids where she will be laid to rest next to her husband.

And that is how we all think of this, Laura being whole again and walking at the side of Frank, her husband, both of them visiting with their relatives that have gone on before and watching us all as we mourn their loss, selfishly wishing they were still here. And it is selfish, really, to want to keep them here when what they will find is perfection and contentment. We might be a bit jealous, too, for this earthly life is anything but perfect. The closest we can come to perfection is the birth of a baby and the purity of their countenance as they enter the world they will ultimately leave. We love you, Laura,and we will miss you but we do know you are indeed in a better place.

By Patty

Our dear, sweet Laura, with the Lord,
Your family misses you.
You’ve touched our hearts and so our lives
With years we’d say, “Too few!”

So selfish we who sorrow now
Consumed with sadness deep.
Far better if we understand
You’ve wakened from your sleep…

And now we know you walk with Pop
Through heaven’s verdant fields,
Content at last to be with God,
Our heartache to this yields.

We’ll miss your sweetness, loving heart,
The mem’ry of your laugh,
Your kindness and your caring, too,
Will be your epitaph.

So fortunate your family
To have you for a while,
Each moment we remember you
Will bring a heartfelt smile.

We’ll try our best, though sad our hearts,
To live our lives without you.
But rest assured in Jesus’ arms,
We’ll always think about you.

And so we have to say goodbye,
On this our earthly plain,
Full knowing that the day will come
When we will meet again.

And please give Pop a kiss from us,
For we send all our love…
Until our fam’ly reunites
Together up above.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
What a beautiful poem. I am saddend to hear of the Frank's loss. It is so hard to loose a mother.
Think of you often.