Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, I guess we've talked about this subject before. And, yes, I have contributed some to this blog of late but certainly not so prolifically as I did in the past. Recently I had to renew my domain,, and that was rather an important milestone, I've been doing this blog for over a year! That's quite a feat, really, but my elation over that accomplishment makes me regret that I started out this blog with multiple poems in each blog. Had I shared one poem or prose for each one, my poems would have lasted much longer and I wouldn't be faced with the reality of those times when I'm not inspired to write ANYTHING. My other regret is the fact that initially the poems I shared I had compiled over a 10-20 years span of writings and so I didn't have to create new ones for quite some time. In all honesty I am equally proud of all the new ones I have composed over the last year.
I didn't know I had it in me and yet, I wish I could sit down and write something worthwhile every day. Realistically, that's not possible for me but tonite I forced myself to create the attached, sort of a "come on already" push to myself to start writing again. Hope it makes you smile.

by Patty Lynn

A day or two, a week or more,
Seems no ideas come.
This is the longest writer’s block
I wish they’d free me from.

Whoever they are, they must think…
They’ve got me, got me good,
But I’ll show them, I’m trying here,
I’m just misunderstood.

I’m not a famous poet, no,
For fame I do not crave.
I’m just a little blogger, me…
Who wants to be your fave.

For many months I’ve written poems,
Some silly, deep, some tragic.
Regardless they’re cathartic, these,
For me a kind of magic.

It’s such a challenge just to tell
A story that’s all rhymy.
For me a thrill, a lot like this:
A coin found in the briny.

And like a coin all gold and bright
The finished poem is too,
A treasure I helped to create.
I hope enjoyed by you.

So listen “they” I’ll show you that…
A poem, I now will write.
I’ll even finish it, I will,
Before bedtime tonight!

I’ll turn a phrase and then I’ll laugh…
At you, “they”, yes I will.
You can’t win this, it’s mine to win,
I am a poet still.

Now granted this is not my best
My work’s been better, true,
But I have written, that’s the point,
So I bid you, adieu!!

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