Saturday, August 29, 2009


I recently bought myself a little notebook, just in case the spirit would move me to write a little ditty or wax on about something that I have an opinion about or some other words of great depth and meaning. A simple purchase, really, but there's something to be said about proximity. A little book and pen on the table next to my favorite chair; the only thing that it doesn't come with, is a little voice calling me to the blank page. I'd pay some real money for that!

Anyway, with the gloomy, damp and rainy day we had today, I was, of course, aware that we're living on borrowed time, so to speak, at least in regards to the Fall soon to be upon us. And then, dare I say it, WINTER. I say this every year but as we get older the Spring and Summer seem so dreadfully short and the cold and damp of Winter seems increasingly longer. Soooo, that "inspired" me to write this poem. Perhaps you'll find that there are some familiar sentiments and that you, too, are thinking about.

By Patty Lynn

Tonight was like so many nights.
I sat with blanket warm,
My aching bones reminding me
The cold was going to come.

And soon to follow Winter, too,
I’m chilled by just the thought.
I can’t afford to catch a cold,
Past seasons sure have taught…

That fluids and some exercise
Can ward off germs and such.
I get a cold, infrequently,
Bed-ridden? Not so much.

So though I know this, too, shall pass,
As Winter snow to Spring.
I dread it still, the cold and damp,
And chills that Winter brings.

But though I love the autumn
And hate the part that’s after,
I feel the same but in reverse,
For Winter’s a disaster.

Guess I’m resigned the seasons come
No matter my complaining.
With Winter comes the ice and snow.
With Spring must come the raining.

It’s best to concentrate on this:
The BEAUTY of each season.
For whether cold or rainy wet,
The Father has his reasons.

Besides, the freezing temperatures
Help me enjoy the warm.
Regardless of what time of year,
A storm is still a storm.

Guess you could say each season has
Some days that are just bummers.
But even though that may be true,
O’er Winter, I’d choose Summer!

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